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Full documenation will be available soon. These docs are always under construction

What is the DMT?

TLDR: A build system that can run scripts

The Developer MultiTool is an automation framework focused on workflow orchestration. It is primarily designed to assist developers with building software. However, it can also serve as an all encompassing devops platform to handle any automatable task. A secondary goal is to allow stakeholders whom are not developers to control the flow of operations. Developers build the automations, and other users (or a schedule) can be in control of executing those automations.

It is analogous to a system like Jenkins, but it focuses on just orchestrating a workflow which runs against various environments. DMT requires outside setup of a build environment and a deployed environment. Then using "Identities", plugins can run "Tasks" (collected into "Jobs") against systems in an "Environment" (which is itself a collection of "Identities").

Several concepts have been introduced in the previous paragraph. The represent models inside of DMT that we use to create and execute workflows: Projects, Environments, Identities, Jobs, and Tasks


  1. Make it easier to deploy and package software
  2. Work with mulitple architecture (Monorepo/Monolith, Monorepo/Monolith deployed as Microservices, Multirepo Microservices)
  3. Work with any branching strategy
  4. Help developers and software users alike handle developer operations


Coming soon...


There are many features planned. The following is an outline of the coming roadmap for dmt development:

Backup / Restore - All database and on disk assets

Workflow Persistence - Allow writing workflows into the .dmt/ directory of the repository. Allow code changes to drive the workflow creation and editing

Community Home - LDAP, Git, Chat, and Forums for interacting with the community. This will be a premium service and require paying yearly


Contributions are currently restricted, however, we are planning to open the flood gates to contributors soon. To get on the list to become a contribute, contact me via The Contact Form


Donations are not available as of yet. To support the early stages of development, sign up at TheCodeBlogs. Proceeds from TheCodeBlogs will help fund the development of DMT until dedicated donation and signup methods can be created. Sign Up for The Code Blogs